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Whisky fan Kim Kerr shares news of the much-anticipated release of Grant’s Triple Wood 12 whisky in Canada

Here’s some great news for those enjoy a tot or two of whisky with their festive fun. Grant’s Blended Scotch Whiskyhas announced the Canadian release of its award-winning 12-year-old in time for Christmas!

Not only does it taste good, it looks pretty good, too. Shipped in an elegant, gold-accented black bottle that’s meant to reflect the whisky’s many gold medal wins, Grant’s Triple Wood 12 follows in the footsteps of previous award-winners from leading Scottish distillers William Grant & Sons. And as it’s from the county’s oldest continuously family-run blended whisky makers, you know it’s going to be good.

Created by Master Blender Brian Kinsman, only three barrels of this creamy, fruit-balanced, and remarkably smooth whisky have been bottled.

“I’ve long been proud of the whiskies we create together at Grant’s Girvan Distillery,” says Kinsman. “We’ve gone the extra mile for Grant’s Triple Wood 12, aging it for a minimum of 12 years and using a sherry cask as the third barrel to layer in a sweet spice to balance the vanilla and sweetness.”

The Distinct Flavours of Grant’s Triple Wood 12 whisky

According to Kinsman, much of the whisky’s distinctive layers of flavour are the result of the three different types of barrels used. While the refill American oak Bourbon barrels lend it its unique brown sugar sweetness and subtle vanilla smoothness, the sherry casks used add a sweet, spicy finish.

People in bar enjoying Grant's Triple Wood 12 Whisky
In Canada just in time for festive fun: Grant’s Triple Wood 12 Whisky

Danny Dyer, Grant’s Global Brand Ambassador, also credits the distillery’s Girvan Patent Still for the uniqueness of this sure-to-be-a-hit 12-year blend.

Says Dyer: “When savouring Grant’s Triple Wood 12, don’t be afraid to break convention and add a little ice and a bit of orange peel to accentuate the fruity character. It’s a blended scotch whisky to be enjoyed many ways.”

Add Some Fruity Zing

“Grant’s Triple Wood 12 is also great in a long, refreshing drink like a Grant’s & Soda, which I serve with fresh orange and a touch of local honey,” says Dyer.  “The honey and orange work together to give that fruity sweet zing and complements the flavours of our whisky perfectly.” 

Grant’s Triple Wood 12, voted the world’s best blended scotch whisky in 2019, is expected to hit the shelves of select Canadian liquor stores this holiday season. Grant’s Sherry Cask 8-Year-Old is also going to be available for the 2022 festive season.

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Contributor Kim Kerr was born and raised in the heart of Scotland’s whisky region.

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