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Now here’s some news that’s actually worth getting excited about. The Glenfiddich Distillery, one of Scotland’s leading whisky makers, has just announced the launch of Glenfiddich Grand Cru, an exquisitely finished single malt 23 years in the making.

Aged in rare French cuvée casks, this much-anticipated beverage from the world’s most awarded single malt scotch whisky brand has made its way to the shelves in Canada in time for seasonal toasts.

“Breaking category conventions once more, this unusual collaboration presented an exciting opportunity to create a liquid that furthers our true spirit of experimentation,” says Glenfiddich’s Malt Master, Brian Kinsman. “This is the only Glenfiddich single malt to undergo this exceptional finishing in French cuvée casks that once contained the liquid that goes on to become some of the world’s most extraordinary sparkling wines.”


The Glenfiddich Grand Cru 23-Year-Old Comes of Age


Aimed squarely at what Glenfiddich considers to be the ‘whisky non-conformist,’ the beverage makers are heralding the drink as both ‘daring and unexpected’, elevating the single malt whisky drink experience to a whole new level of enjoyment.

A unique combination of flavours from both Scotland and France, the Glenfiddich Grand Cru is certainly a luxury drink that deserves to be celebrated on special occasions like Christmas and New Year. The resulting rich whisky boasts a variety of aromas that’ll be instantly recognizable to knowledgeable tasters. These include hints of apple blossom, candied lemon… and freshly baked bread.

Also discernable to the palate are notes of sweet brioche, rich vanilla, and sandalwood, accompanied by pear a hint of sorbet and white grape. The result? A memorable drink experience that lasts long after the final sip.


An Innovative Harmony of Luxurious Flavours


While combining the already-excellent flavours of one of Scotland’s leading whiskies with French sparkling wine wasn’t an obvious move, Glenfiddich’s flare for the new and the unusual shouldn’t surprise Canadian whisky drinkers.

“Fine sparkling wines are long established as the drink to celebrate with,” says Struan Grant Ralph, Glenfiddich’s Global Brand Ambassador. “Glenfiddich Grand Cru plays on the celebratory sparkling wine but brings the substance and smoothness of a single malt scotch whisky.”

The result, adds Ralph, is a drink that stands as testament to the company’s creativity and talented whisky makers.


Glenfiddich Grand Cru is a Sight to Behold


Presented to discerning whisky drinkers in a stunning black glass bottle featuring a gold Grand Cru print and golden closure, it’s certainly an attractive package. Topping it all is the luxurious black box with its sparking golden firework.


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Like the drink itself, the Glenfiddich Grand Cru’s packaging is a cause for celebration


“Glenfiddich Grand Cru exemplifies the brand’s passion for pushing Scotch whisky boundaries and looking beyond the world of whisky to create exquisitely flavoured liquids,” says Glenfiddich’s Canadian Brand Ambassador, Jamie Johnson. “We look forward to toasting the holidays with Canadians of legal drinking age from coast to coast.”

Available only in limited quantities, Glenfiddich Grand Cru can be purchased from the following locations in Canada:

  • Ontario – At select LCBO locations across Ontario
  • Alberta – At select premium liquor retailers in Alberta
  • British Columbia – At select premium liquor retailers in the province of BC

The Christmas season’s defining single malt whisky is available now… but only while supply lasts.

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Bryan Dearsley is Editor-in-chief of Riley International Media. A recent convert to the whisky cause, he does now believe in Santa Claus.


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