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When it comes to getting (or staying) healthy, it never hurts to get a little help now and then. In Ontario, we’re blessed with plenty of great choices when it comes to getting expert assistance, with numerous health and wellness resources available when we need them.

Personally, though, nothing quite beats being able to combine my health and wellness routines with a great weekend escape. Where else can we push ourselves hard at the gym or yoga class and, only minutes later, be the recipient of a soothing massage or beauty treatment? Or have an instructor teach us about the importance of good nutrition only to have their colleagues follow this up with sumptuous yet healthy dining experiences.

To find out more, read through our list of the best Ontario wellness retreats to help you plan your perfect healthy getaway.


The Best Wellness Retreats in Ontario


JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa, Minett
JW Marriott the Rosseau Wellness Retreats in Ontario
JW Marriott The Rosseau offers a wide selection of wellness programs as well as quality accommodations (Photo courtesy JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa)


A heady mix of sophistication and stunning natural beauty, the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa in Minett, Muskoka, tops our list of the best wellness resorts Ontario has to offer. The perfect getaway spot for solo or even group health retreats. Situated atop a granite bluff overlooking Lake Rosseau and some of the ritziest real estate in the country, this plush resort offers a panorama of nature’s splendour, complemented by top-tier amenities.

The accommodations here consist of a mix of spacious rooms and suites, all with elegant décor and plush furnishings. Our favourites offer excellent views of Lake Rosseau from their spacious balconies and their floor-to-ceiling windows and come with additional living areas complete with cozy fireplaces. The bathrooms come equipped with deep-soaking tubs and separate showers.

At the heart of its wellness offerings is the resort’s opulent spa. HydroSpa Muskoka is an oasis just waiting to provide you with the pampering needed to ensure a memorable stay. Its curated menu of treatments draws inspiration from cottage country’s natural surroundings, with massages and facials using indigenous herbs.

The wellness experience here extends beyond the spa, with guests encouraged to embrace the great outdoors. Highlights include guided nature excursions that range from leisurely walks to challenging hikes and morning lakeside yoga and meditation sessions. Rounding off your holistic wellness journey, the resort’s culinary team focuses on farm-to-table principles, using fresh, local ingredients to ensure that each meal is both delicious and nourishing.

LuxuryOntario Recommends: To find out more about one of the best spa resorts in Ontario, visit JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa.


Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat & Spa, Cobourg
Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat & Spa, Cobourg bedroom
Northumberland Heights features comfortable rooms and wellness-inspired dining options (Photo courtesy Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat & Spa)


Located near the picturesque Lake Ontario town of Cobourg, Northumberland Heights Resort and Spa is a great choice for those seeking a superlative wellness retreat in Ontario. The spa employs a blend of ancient traditions and modern techniques, including Ayurvedic therapies, restorative massages, and holistic skin treatments all designed to rebalance your body’s energies. Day spa packages are also available.

Afterwards, you’ll enjoy relaxing in your spacious suite with its floor-to-ceiling windows which allow in plenty of natural light. Plush beds with luxurious linens, large private balconies, and bathrooms with deep-soaking tubs round off your luxe accommodations.

The gourmet dining experience here complements the resort’s wellness focus, showcasing dishes crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Outdoor enthusiasts can explore the surrounding scenic trails, while guided meditation sessions, yoga overlooking the verdant landscapes, and nature walks deepen that all-important connection with nature.

LuxuryOntario Recommends: For the latest rates and reservations, visit Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat & Spa.


Sir Sam’s Inn and Resort, Eagle Lake
Sir Sam's Inn outdoor swimming pool at one of the best wellness resorts in Ontario
Sir Sam’s Inn is a lovely setting for those interested in outdoor wellness pursuits (Photo courtesy Sir Sam’s Inn and Resort)


Sir Sam’s Inn and Resort’s setting on Eagle Lake in the Haliburton Highlands is certainly conducive to wellness and relaxation. Originally the estate of Sir Samuel Hughes, the historic inn has been transformed into a luxurious adult-oriented getaway, juxtaposing its rich history with modern comforts. With its warm wood interiors and stone fireplaces, the resort offers an intimate and romantic ambiance that’s perfect for couples seeking an Ontario weekend getaway.

The focal point for those interested in health and wellness is the resort’s first-rate WaterSpa. This popular spa features a unique experience where soothing hydrotherapy treatments allow you to literally float effortlessly as the therapeutic waters soothe muscles and dissolve stress.

Beyond the spa, wellness activities include kayaking excursions on Eagle Lake to invigorating hikes and mountain biking at Sir Sams Ski / Ride. And as its name suggests, this component of the year-round resort even offers fun winter activities. Sir Sam’s also boasts an excellent Haliburton dining experience at its Twin Fires restaurant, too.

LuxuryOntario Recommends: For the latest info and rates, as well as reservations, visit Sir Sam’s Inn and Resort.


Elm Hurst Inn & Spa, Ingersoll
Elm Hurst Inn & Spa, Ingersoll bedroom with wine and cheese
Wellness is a state of mine (and sometimes a little wine) at Elm Hurst Inn  (Photo courtesy Elm Hurst Inn & Spa)


Elm Hurst Inn & Spa is certainly one of the prettiest wellness retreats in Ontario. Located in Ingersoll and set on a historic Victorian-era estate with lovely, manicured gardens, the accommodations here are a perfect blend of the classic and the modern. You can choose from a variety of rooms and suites, each elegantly appointed with antique furnishings and large windows affording sweeping views of the surrounding countryside and the grounds.

Elm Hurst’s dedicated wellness experiences at the on-site spa are among the best in the province and include a wide range of treatments designed to soothe body and soul. The resort’s expert therapists provide personalized services including deep-tissue massages and facials to holistic treatments like aromatherapy and hydrotherapy. The spa facilities also boast a steam room, whirlpool, and a tranquil relaxation area, all adding up to a memorable wellness journey.

Elm Hurst’s gourmet dining experiences are also first-class, with menus that celebrate local ingredients and culinary traditions.

LuxuryOntario Recommends: For the latest details, rates, and reservations, visit Elm Hurst Inn & Spa.


Nomi Resort, Haliburton
Nomi Resort, Haliburton woman having a massage at one of the best wellness resorts in Ontario
Nomi Resort is one of the newest and most luxurious wellness retreats in Ontario (Photo courtesy Nomi Resort)


Located in the Haliburton Highlands, Nomi Resort is one of the newest Ontario wellness retreats and has already made a name for the quality of its services. The wellness journey at Nomi is complemented by first-rate spa treatments that emphasize natural therapies. From soothing massages using locally sourced botanicals to detoxifying wraps, each treatment at Spa Derma leaves you relaxed… and longing for more.

The resort’s culinary offerings are also worth mentioning and emphasize farm-to-fork dishes using wholesome organic ingredients. A Clubhouse is scheduled to be added.

LuxuryOntario Recommends: For the latest details, rates, and reservations, visit Nomi Resort.




Kim Kerr is a luxury lifestyle and travel writer. She’s also a Co-Founder of Riley and LuxuryOntario and is proud to call Muskoka, Ontario, “home”.


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